Trisul 5.5. updates fixes Netflow v9 and SFlow issues

Trisul 5.5. updates fixes Netflow v9 and SFlow issues

New builds of Trisul Network Analytics 5.5 are now available.


They fix the following issues.

  • Netflow v9 when used with large flow-cache timeout not reporting correct duration of flows
  • When you Enable Netflow v9 Ingress and Egress on the same interface ip flow ingress and ip flow egress and you have the MergeMultipleSource option enabled in the Netflow Configuration File you may notice that only the egress traffic is counted and the ingress is ignored.
  • When Trisul processes SFlow from multiple IPs on the same devices, the traffic may be incorrectly counted.

If you are using Trisul in Netflow v9 (Ingress+Egress) mode or are using SFlow you are encouraged to update immediately. Free Download of Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and CentOS7

Big new Release 6.0 coming

A quick heads up. We have a big new release of Trisul 6.0 coming up in a couple of weeks. In 6.0 you can use Trisul in a distributed mode, write your own application logic using LUA, and even roll out a probe + cloud deployment mode.

Free Download Trisul 6.0
Trisul Network Analytics 6.0 is now available – Enjoy!

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