What is Netflow ? 

Netflow is a network protocol used to analyze and provide reports on network traffic flow, router and interface flow summaries and offers maximum visibility. Netflow is a very handy mechanism to acquire network data from a very large number of network elements in a cost effective manner


How Trisul supports Netflow ? 

Trisul uses Netflow and other flow telemetry to drive its analytics engine instead of raw packets. Netflow offers the easiest way to collect distributed enterprise wide traffic metrics. 

Trisul brings advanced real time traffic, device, and flow analytics to Netflow monitoring.  

Trisul supports Netflow v1, v5, and Netflow v9, Flexible Netflow, and all versions of SFLOW, and IPFIX. All routers and interfaces are auto discovered.

Here are the top features of Trisul netflow

  • Router/Interface Drilldown
  • Flow tagger and Flow tracker
  • Threshold alert monitoring
  • Interface tracking
  • Record upto 5million flows/minute
  • Real time traffic monitors.

Check out the video to know about usecases of Trisul Netflow

Know more about Trisul Netflow – https://www.trisul.org/solutions/netflow-monitoring/