Announcing exciting new features in our new Trisul Network Analytics 6.5

New packages of Trisul Network Analytics have now landed on our download page. The features here are carefully selected to put advanced network traffic and security monitoring features into the hands of all enterprises big and small. Key features and updates in this new release.

  • Trisul EDGE : Now you can select a vertex and not only reveal its neighbors but also the heavy hitters amongst the edges. No more stumbling around, target your investigations sharply by leveraging graph analytics.
  • ERSPAN support : Automaticaly de-tunnels GRE encapsulated SPAN sessions. Now we have more deployment options.
  • Bulk PCAP Import : Improved PCAP import now processes long time frame PCAP files with much more efficient memory usage. Dont let your PCAP dumps lie around lifeless, import them into Trisul.
  • Enhanced Lua API : Developing your tooling doesnt have to be hard. Using plain Lua you can add functionality across the feature set. We recently open sourced BITMAUL a new LuaJIT based protocol dissection library which can help you quickly develop network protocol dissectors. Also in this release is a new “Asynchronous Execution” framework to allow script writers to specify the size of the worker thread pool. Simpler programming model helps you develop tooling faster

For full release notes – see our forum announcement

Why Trisul ?

Trisul tries to solve the big problem of Network Security and Traffic Monitoring – how to handle the deluge of data when most of it is low $ value?. Trisul comes with its own backend storage carefully designed to solve this with modest system requirements and very little hands-on monitoring. This allows you to go to production in shortest time and very little maintenance costs. Other approaches require you to find and deploy a storage backend such as Elastic, Hadoop ecosystem, or Splunk which have their own issues.

We encourage you to try it for yourself. We’ve got the 3-day sliding window License that lets you get started without canned demos. Just get the bits and go live

* We encourage existing users to update
* If you are not yet on Trisul, Get started

Happy monitoring! Team Trisul.

Free Download Trisul 6.5 ! Get started now.

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