Video introduction to Trisul apps

Video introduction to Trisul apps


Trisul Apps are plugins to enhance the capabilities of Trisul. These are the extended features that are fully integrated with Trisul UI to get better and interactive analytics.

You can directly install, update or remove the apps from the dashboard with a single click

Key highlights of Trisul Apps are

  • We provide a fast growing collections of 50 apps
  • All apps are open source and use the Lua or the JavaScript-TRP API. You can write your own apps or customize these
  • Provides custom analytics.

Trisul Apps fall into three categories

  • Analytics – Using the Trisul LUA API adds custom analysis capabilities
  • JS/D3 Dashboards – Uses the JavaScript/TRP API to visualize historical data
  • Packaged Dashboard – Shared dashboards, modules, custom counters, flow trackers, exported from Trisul

Here is the short introductory video about Trisul Apps !

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