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Trisul 4.0 is just around the corner. We are starting a series of posts explaining some of the really powerful features in this release.

We recently had an incident where TRP Scripting came to our rescue. I just want to share this with other Trisul users who might want to look at automation of Network and Security Monitoring more.

Do you have packet capture (PCAP) files collecting dust waiting to be consulted only when an alert fires ? If so, you might be missing out on critical insights into your network.

If you dont have the traffic metrics, you may not know your network all that well. This is where Trisul Network Analytics comes in, with over 100+ metrics ready to go.

We’ve got a new feature in Trisul 3.6 that is going to start paying off from day one. Its called Long Tail Web Hosts

We’re excited to announce the availability of Trisul 3.6. This release is entirely focused on making Trisul suitable for high speed packet processing

Hey Trisul users, we’ve got a maintenance update to Trisul 3.0.

OpenIOC is an XML schema that allows specification and sharing of threat information. An example of OpenIOC is the NetTraveler indicator file 469aed6f-941c-4a1e-b471-3a3e80cbcc2e.ioc

All you have to do is send a DNS TXT request and deal with the results.