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Can your network analytics tool answer this query interactively ? Show me a list of top 100 flows that uploaded data to servers outside North America last week

We have some exciting new updates for Trisul Network Analytics 4.0.

We have uploaded new PDF documentation for developers using the Trisul APIs

This is a quick post to show you how you can do it in Trisul. I am not aware of any tool, free or commercial that offers a comparable feature.

What would be an appropriate detection strategy in the wake of the TLS Heartbeat based attack ? The most popular response is to incorporate the newly released Snort /Suricata IDS signatures into your ruleset.

The big news today is a new extremely serious vulnerability in OpenSSL called the “Heart Bleed”.

We are delighted to announce a powerful LUA API for Trisul.

Trisul 4.0 is just around the corner. We are starting a series of posts explaining some of the really powerful features in this release.

We recently had an incident where TRP Scripting came to our rescue. I just want to share this with other Trisul users who might want to look at automation of Network and Security Monitoring more.