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what it does

It creates a new probe and connect it to the hub.

Before executing this script the hub distributor script should be executed in the trisul hub server.


You should have trisul probe and ssh-server installed on your machine.

how to use it

Goto “/usr/local/share/trisul-hub” on your hub node

 cd /usr/local/share/trisul-hub 

Execute the add_probe.exp file as root user.



Then it will ask from some inputs as below

how it works

It login to the probe machine and do the stuff that need to be done on the probe node. and return back to the hub node and authorise the probe in the hub.

getting the inputs

It will get 4 inputs from the user

  1. Probe name
    • A valid probe name to create a new one.
probe names must begin with probeXXXXX
  1. Probe SSH IP address
    • IP address of the probe machine
  2. Probe SSH username
    • username of the probe machine
  3. Probe SSH password
    • password of the probe machine
Value Sample inputs
Probe name probeWEST
Probe IP address
Probe username pbusr
Probe Password pass

validating the inputs

  • First it will check weather the given probe name is valid or not.
  • And check the probe login credentials by login to the probe machine.

checking the license status

  • It will scp the license file from probe to hub and validate the license file
  • If you don't have the proper license it will terminate the process.

Connecting the probe with hub

  • Install the hub domain certificate in the probe machine.
  • And uninstall the default probe0 if it exists.
  • Create a new probe with the given probe name.
  • Install the new probe in the probe machine
  • install the probe certificate in the hub machine to add the probe to the hub.

Finishing up

  • Then it restarts the domain and lists the nodes by executing
 trisulctl_hub hello 
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