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Simple Business Dashboard

Trisul Network Analytics throws up TONS of metrics. Right out of the box you get about 200+ metrics across 40 counter groups. Sometimes presenting this information can be a challenge. The default install of Trisul puts about 10 dashboards we have selected to put up on the menu.

The new Simple Business dashboard gives many customers a different starting point into Trisul, from where you can drill down into other places.

Installing Simple Dashboard

  1. Login as admin
  2. Go to Web Admin: Manage > Apps
  3. Find “Simple Dashboard” and install it

Using Simple Dashboard

Once you install the APP two dashboards are installed.

  • A Live Dashboard for showing current data. Accessible from Dashboards > Show All
  • A Retro Dashboard for analyzing historic data. Accessible from Retro > Retro Tools > Retro Dashboards

The following data is displayed in the Simple Business dashboard. All items can be drilldown by clicking on the blue button next to the item.

Dashboard category

data displayed number of charts what is shown
Outbound traffic breakup4 modulesUpload traffic bandwidth, Outbound applications, Top Hosts inside your network uploading data, Top hosts outside your network where data is being uploaded
Inbound traffic breakup 4 modulesDownload traffic bandwidth, download applications, Top downloading hosts inside your network, Top downloading hosts from outside
Totals 4 modules. Total traffic, apps, top internal and external hosts
Applications1 moduleInternet applications breakup based on “Base domains” feature. Shows you how much YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, and others independent of IPs
Top Risks 1 module Top major alerts seen recently

You can remove or add any other modules you want to this dashboard !!

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