Step by step NSM with Trisul Network Analytics Docker image on RHEL 7.4

This article describes how you can go from a bare install of RHEL7.4 to a fully running Trisul NSM system quickly.

Install Docker CE on RHEL7.4

Docker CE is not officially supported on RHEL 7.4 however you can install an earlier version quite easily from the packages released by Docker. The following steps gets an earlier version of Docker CE 17.03.02 installed.

yum install libtool-ltdl
rpm -ivh
rpm -ivh

Start the Docker service

After installing Docker CE you need to start the service.

systemctl start docker

Run TrisulNSM on eth0

The following command starts the TrisulNSM Docker image with the following properties

  1. Captures from interface eth0
  2. Stores persistent data in /opt/trisul6_root
  3. Names the container trisul1a for ease of use
sudo docker run --name=trisul1a  \ 
   --net=host -v /opt/trisul6_root:/trisulroot \
      --d trisulnsm/trisul6 \
          --interface  eth0
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