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TrisulNSM Docker image on Ubuntu 16.04

This article describes how you can go from a bare install of Ubuntu 16.04 to a fully running Trisul NSM system quickly.

Install Docker CE on Ubuntu 16.04

The docker installation is very straightforward on Ubuntu 16.04 as it is an officially supported distribution. The official instructions "Get Docker CE for Ubuntu" work great. Just follow those instructions.

$ sudo apt-get install docker-ce

Start the Docker service

After installing Docker CE you need to start the service.

systemctl start docker

Pull the trisulnsm/trisul6 Docker image

The following command pulls the latest TrisulNSM image from Docker Hub but does not start anything.

sudo docker pull trisulnsm/trisul6 

Run TrisulNSM on eth0

The following command starts the TrisulNSM Docker image with the following properties

  1. Captures from interface eth0
  2. Stores persistent data in /opt/trisul6_root
  3. Names the container trisul1a for ease of use
sudo docker run --name=trisul1a  \ 
   --net=host -v /opt/trisul6_root:/trisulroot \
      --d trisulnsm/trisul6 \
          --interface  eth0
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