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Trisul Network Analytics Developer Zone

Trisul Network Analytics is a network security monitoring and traffic analytics platform. When you deploy Trisul, you get a ton of built-in metrics and analytics capabilities. However, the real power of Trisul lies in its programmability. You can build your own tooling using two APIs

  • LUA API : Enhance the real time streaming analytics part by working with packets, flows, alerts, in real time. Reference Trisul LUA API
  • TRP API : Trisul Remote Protocol is a query interface to work with the backend database. Reference TRP API Docs

This DokuWiki based knowledge base is designed as supporting documentation to the official API reference on We will share articles, idioms, best practices, share interesting articles from other websites, and something very short tech tips on a regular basis here.

We hope the Network Security Monitoring and Traffic analytics community will find this new resource useful.

How to use this knowledge base

If you are looking for something specific , simply use the search box to find the content. Or you can browse the following sections.

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