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BGP Replay Tool

Used to test BGP Route Receiver that ships with Trisul.

1. Download BRT

You can find it here

Error with mp_ methods

There seems to be an issue with the Net::BGP module.

We are getting the following error with version 0.2 Can't locate object method “mp_unreach_nlri” via package “Net::BGP::Update” at line 263, <$fh> line 2.

As a hack you can comment out the mp_unreach_nlri and mp_reach_nlri , you will lose the multipath updates.

2. Install the Perl Net::BGP module

sudo cpanm Net::BGP

3. On router under test

Add the BRT as a peer say with AS 300

Lets say the router has an AS 400

sh bgp neighbors
debug ip bgp all
conf t
router bgp 400
neighbor  remote-as 300

4. Prepare a route update file

Download a route update file in MRT format. The easiest way is to download from a collector see

4.1 Convert the MRT format update file to a format acceptable by brt using bgpdump

BRT tool needs a human readable BGP update file BGP update file in human readable with Unix format (bgpdump -m option)

Convert the file using bgpdump

bgpdump -m updates.20191101.0130  > updates.20191101.0130.bgpdump

5. Now you can inject routes into the router table.

Run BRT , use the -v to keep an eye on errors.

sudo perl  -brtas 300 -brtip -peeras 400 -peerip -f ~/updates.20191101.0130.bgpdump -v

Use the following command on the router

sh ip route
sh bgp summ
sh bgp neighbors

BRT is a useful tool to test Trisul ISP (needs license)

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