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Scan Slices

What is the use of the tools ?

Scan each slice directory and compares the details with metaslice db and prints the results in table-format

How it works ?

  • First,it get the timestamp of given slices directory
  • Then ,Checks the slice is present or not in the meta-slice
  • If present it compares the slice date present in the directory with slice details present in meta-slice
  • The difference between the two timestamps should be below or equal to 10 min.
  • And it also check the archive file is present in each slice directory and print the status in terminal


Syntax Info Description
scan_slices . Print all slice details of current directory You should run this script in the slice directory
scan_slice SLICE_NAME Print details of specific slice You should run this script in slice directory & provide the specific slice name
scan_slice /path/of/slice/directory Print all slice details in a given directory You should provide the absolute path of slice directory as argument
Optional Arguments
-d mismatched date Prints slices which have date mismatch You should provide this -d as argument to any of the first 3 options
-s slice missing in db Prints slices which are not present in db You should provide -s as argument to any of the first 3 options

Description of each column

Parameters Info
Slice name Represent the name of the slice given or directory
Status Directory name of slices like oper,archive,ref
Instance Directory present in oper like 0,1,…
Meta slice timestamp Each and every slice timestamp present in Db
Topper timestamp It is present in the slice directory itself
Slide date A file that contains the date in the file name
Date-match compare the date between topper and meta-slice timestamp & check the difference is below 10 min or not
Slice in db Check the slice is present in meta-slice db or not
Archive check if archive file is present or not

Example 1
/usr/local/share/trisul-hub/ .

You can get the details of specific slice or every slice in the directory

Example 2
/usr/local/share/trisul-hub/ . -d

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