BITMAUL HTTP dissector benchmark

We were just looking at numbers from the NOM HTTP Parser benchmark and thought it would be a good idea to put together a similar one for a BITMAUL based parser. I had a hunch that LuaJIT would perform quite competitively

The result is the BITMAUL HTTP Parser Benchmark.

The results : 5.4 Gbps parsing speed on an old Core i3

What was Measured

We did the following

  1. Read the test HTTP header from a text file (header.txt)
  2. Save that header in a string S
  3. Construct a SweepBuf over the string
  4. Parse the request line into verb, uri, version
  5. Parse every single field into a LUA table with { field-name , field-value }
  6. Go to 3 , repeat 10Million times

The sample code and more details are available on - BITMAUL HTTP Parser Benchmark.

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