Announcing a new release of Trisul Network Analytics

Announcing a new release of Trisul Network Analytics

We are pleased to announced a new release of Trisul Network Analytics.

Some highlights of this release.

(full release notes)

Full support for BGP metrics to benefit ISP applications

We have been working on supporting ISP / IXP applications for Trisul. We added the following features to Trisul in this release.

  1. Support for all BGP Attributes in Netflow ( NEXTHOP, PREFIX, AS)
  2. Support IPv6 Netflow
  3. SFLOW now supports L2 MAC address and MAC conversations to support L2 networks like IXP (Internet Exchange Points)
  4. Trisul now features a BGP Route Collector server

Customers who are interested in these ISP level features please contact us for more information

New Trisul Apps

Trisul Apps are plugin extensions to Trisul. They can supply UI or Analytics capabilities. Since the last release we added these apps: Peering Analytics, Prefix Analytics, Route drilldown, Peer AS, IXP member flow matrices.

Tag groups

Flow Taggers are a method using which you can attach arbitrary strings to flows. These tags can be attached by LUA scripts or by configuring flow taggers to take attributes from one counter group and attach to flows. For example to take a Country Code and tag flows with it. The Tag Group feature allows you to aggregate these tags into a separate group when using the “Aggregate Flows” tool.

The following screenshot shows the results of Tag Groups when flows are tagged with the AS Number using a asn tag.

Grafana support

Our customers kept asking us to support a plugin for Grafana. We are pleased to announce a new Grafana server that uses the SimpleJSON datasource. Using this you can bring crucial network traffic and security metrics onto your favorite dashboarding platform.

Get the Grafana plugin from the grafana-server repository

Many more improvements

We upgraded the software platform for the web server to the latest version of Ruby and Rails, moved to the latest version of ZeroMQ and other libraries. In addition , fixed many small bugs and added some nifty UI and LUA API features. For a full list see the release notes

Happy monitoring!

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