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A partial list of the most important features. Trisul APPS are free extensions for real time analytics and visualization

This post describes updated Geo location features in Trisul Network Analytics. Maxmind is a leading provider of IP based Geo location intelligence

We are excited to introduce a powerful new feature called Cross Keys. This feature allow you to meter and visualize arbitrary information flows which is not feasible with any other method without throwing heavy hardware resources at it.

We’re kicking off the New Year 2019 with a couple of Trisul scripts to detect Covert Channels that use PING. This script was inspired by the blog post [How To: C2 over ICMP]

Network flows or conversations are a very important part of network security and traffic analytics. Trisul has always had excellent support for reconstructing, storage, and querying of very large scale flow databases.

We are pleased to make the following announcements. New Ubuntu 18.04 repository ready to install packages

We just released new packages of Trisul which include many features which make many Network Security Monitoring and Traffic Analytics workflows even easier.

The Trisul NSM platform has always provided a way to integrate threat intelligence feeds using the Badfellas Plugin. That works great but it is limited in flexibilty.

New packages of Trisul Network Analytics have now landed on our download page. The features here are carefully selected to put advanced network traffic and security monitoring features into the hands of all enterprises big and small.

We just released a new version of Trisul Network Analytics 6.5. This release features a lot of stability and performance improvements that make it even more attractive to deploy Trisul Network Analytics as your frontline NSM platform (Network Security Monitoring and Traffic Analytics).