Trisul 3.6 released

Trisul 3.6 released

We’re excited to announce the availability of Trisul 3.6.

This release is entirely focused on making Trisul suitable for high speed packet processing. We’ve rewritten the entire packet processing code to make Trisul spend very little CPU cyles on each packet. We’ve also rearchitected the threading code to allow the use of multiple input channels to scale Trisul to 10Gbps and beyond.

Key changes in Trisul 3.6

On the Network Side

  • 1Gbps out of the box on typical large enterprise networks
  • Enhanced the default RX_RING to use TPACKET_v2 (a faster mode)
  • Support for Native PF_RING
  • Ability to PIN Trisul to specific CPUs
  • Add threads to scale over 1Gbps

On the UI Side

  • New algorithm to quickly retrieve PCAPS of hundreds of flows at once
  • New dynamic alert toolbar – automatically tells you about unseen alerts
  • New Counter Groups : HTTP Methods and HTTP Status Codes
  • New Executive Network Report – for managers but with all key details
  • Anomaly info in each report based on newly seen items

Not to mention the hundreds of small and big tweaks to make installation and use as pleasurable as we can make it.

Download Trisul 3.6 today

Enjoy and spread the word !

Trisul Dev Team