Trisul Blog

We are working like crazy trying to get Trisul 3.0 out the door by mid-April. We are so excited by the advanced SSL/TLS analysis features in 3.0, we cant wait that long to share some details.

This is exciting stuff for a lot of “intel starved” enthusiasts like us. Atleast three types of indicators can be searched for by looking at past network traffic.

f you were to walk into a strange network, you would want to first see what the typical characteristics of the network are.

We can all agree that the repository of packets represents significant business value, otherwise we’d all be sharing our pcap dumps on github. Therefore a breach of this nature can hurt.

Hey all, we have a new Trisul update with some significant enhancements.

We just added support to Trisul for Alien Vaults Open Source IP Reputation.

If you are involved in forensics investigations, you have to pivot quite a bit between data types such as traffic, flows, and packets.

Hey Trisul users, please update your Badfellas plugin to the latest version released today.

Payload search is an exciting new feature in Trisul 2.6.

If you are running Trisul on Security Onion , have you heard the good news ? Doug Burks has released a new version of Security Onion